How We Work

Analyze Your Specific Needs

First, we determine exactly where you need the most help, and how to help in the best way possible. For Test Prep, this involves a diagnostic test. By getting to know you better, we can determine precisely how you best learn, and work to make that happen.

Make A Plan And Get Matched

Your Educational Consultant will review the test results and then create a specific learning plan based on your unique needs and learning style. We will then search for the tutor who is a perfect fit for you, and introduce you to each other.

Start Your Learning Adventure

Once matched, you and their tutor can start communicating directly and begin your educational journey together. You'll receive regular reports on your progress. If you have any questions or concerns you can reach out to our friendly support staff.

Benefits Of Our System:

We offer customized learning programs to meet your specific needs and problem areas. We will figure out exactly where you need the most help and find a tutor who will work for you.

What we teach benefits students beyond just their specific test or class. The study habits, discipline, and focus instilled in the students we teach are skills that will benefit students for the rest of their lives.

Teaching with the goal of comprehensive understanding improves a student’s ability to integrate new information, and increases the depth of understanding. We also advise on methods to improve sleep and diet, and reduce stress, all of which are major contributing factors to student success.

How We Compare To Our Competition:

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