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Planning a trip to France or just in love with the culture? Then you may have the urge, desire, or need to learn French. Whatever your motivation — pleasure, business, or just expanding your horizons — Test Prep Elite can help you master the language with some of the best French tutors available. Being fluent in the language themselves, our tutors will work with you and your schedule until you feel ready to take on France!

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Learning any language is a challenge that can change your life, but the value is immeasurable, and French may be one of the most valuable languages to learn. Aside from expanding your worldliness and the quality of adventures to France, the French language has a huge amount of practical value for Americans. That’s because French, like English, is a language that has pockets of speakers all over the world. From those in southern parts of the U.S. to Canada, and on to Northern-South America and many parts of Africa, the French language is prominent in many places — it’s the second most studied language in the world!

When you learn French, you open yourself up to interactions with people all over the world, greatly increasing your ability to communicate with locals and to truly experience the places you’re visiting. When you work with Test Prep Elite, our tutors will teach to your learning style, work to your schedule, and even tailor their lessons to your reasons for learning French.

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Finding an adequate tutor used to be a huge challenge — especially for someone trying to learn a language in their off time. Luckily, with Test Prep Elite, French students can find excellent tutors with almost no hassle. Simply get in touch with Test Prep Elite and we’ll match you with a French tutor of the highest qualifications and one that works to your learning style as well. With Test Prep Elite, you not only get caring tutors, but ones who use teaching methodologies and strategies that are proven effective by educational, psychological, and neurological research. Combine these things with ultimate flexibility in scheduling and you have a recipe to be fluent in no time.

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Individually-tailored French instruction from professional tutors in a comfortable and private setting.


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In-person, online, and on demand tutoring options to accommodate your busy calendar and achieve exceptional results.


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Extensive interviews and qualifications vetting ensures you receive the very best French tutor available.

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With French tutoring from Test Prep Elite, we’re confident that you’ll see results, learn, and grow while working with our tutors. With some of the best educational backgrounds and real life experience using the language, our tutors offer more than any random high-school or college French tutor could. From our tutors to our methods and scheduling flexibility, see why we’re the best for tutoring and schedule with us today!

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“Using Test Prep Elite helped me immensely. They are extremely nice and efficient. The tutor they got me was great. He has an incredible amount of knowledge, as well as patience.”

- Andy

“Tutor was amazing and my daughter enjoyed working with her.”

- Jean

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