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Preparing your child for the next step isn’t always easy, and with a fresh round of ACT Aspire testing coming every year for children from third to eleventh grade, there isn’t much of a break. However, there is a way to help keep your child ahead of the curve. With Test Prep Elite, you can help ensure your child has the common core proficiencies they need to move on, and more. Using scientifically backed methods, tutors from the best schools, and an in depth knowledge of the curriculum, we can provide your child with the knowledge needed for every level of Aspire Testing.

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The ACT Aspire test is a new undertaking in standardized testing from the ACT that seeks to address education gaps long before the actual ACT by getting students the help they need before their senior year. With Aspire testing, the ACT has come up with an alternative to the PLAN test — a test previously given to 10th graders that replicated the ACT. The Aspire system seeks to do more than just provide a one-time guage of where your child is academically. Built with the common core system of teaching in mind, it does more to address the progress of your child’s critical thinking and creative skills rather than just their performance in traditional subjects.

Like the actual ACT, Aspire testing has five sections: Math, Reading, Science, English, and Writing. Unlike the ACT, there are more than just multiple choice questions, there are also short and long answer questions that provide a better chance for your student to show their thinking. While it could seem like extra work for your child, parents should take advantage of the Aspire testing system. The results could provide valuable insight into where your child is excelling or falling behind. 

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For years, parents, and sometimes students, had to do their best to find a tutor that worked for them, which took work, dedication, and a bit of luck. Now, Test Prep Elite is here to make it easy for the next generation of parents with kids going through school. There’s no need for a lengthy search process, because we do that for you! With tutors recruited from some of the best schools in the nation and with degrees in everything from English to medical studies, our tutors are ready to pass on knowledge from some of the best schools that the world has to offer. On top of finding the most educated and qualified tutors, we also offer scientifically backed methodologies and extreme flexibility for the pupil.

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Your student will learn and grow when they engage in tutoring from Test Prep Elite. Through researched-based test preparation and scholastic tutoring, our tutors have developed a proven track record of producing significant and meaningful results for their pupils. When students work with Test Prep Elite for Aspire testing, or other tests, they typically achieve higher grades, higher test scores, and greater self confidence. Far from being a boost just for this year’s testing, the effects of tutoring with Test Prep Elite for even one year of tutoring could springboard your child to greater academic success throughout their schooling. Not only do we field tutors from the top universities, but some of our students have gone on to attend universities such as Harvard, MIT, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Cornell, and many other elite schools.

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“This company went above and beyond to help my son who has special needs. They found a tutor with an educational background in assisting special needs students, who has helped tremendously. We are very thankful.”

- Jerry Crup

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- Albert Pearson

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