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The Scholastic Aptitude Test, or the SAT, is an entrance exam that’s used and accepted at most universities and colleges to make decisions on admissions. While a number of factors are considered in whether you or your child get into a school, the SAT may be the single most powerful tool in swaying admissions boards. While it can’t make up for everything in your child’s academic career, it carries far more weight than GPA, and even if you or your child’s GPA is on the low side, a high test score could still get you or them into the school of their choice.

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Done with pencil and paper and being strictly multiple-choice, plus an optional essay, the SAT is one of the most old-fashioned and time-trusted methods of measuring where students are before they get accepted into an undergraduate program. It serves as an easily readable and common data point. Testing students on math and evidence-based reading and writing, the test is relatively straightforward, and there are a variety of strategies that students use to maximize their scores.

With Test Prep Elite , you or your child can take on the SATs with tutors who have already taken the SAT and then gone on to complete degrees in some of the countries most rigorous academic programs.

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Finding the right tutor used to be a challenge. Finding a competent tutor as well as one who could match the students’ learning style or schedule could be near impossible when you were just asking by word of mouth or calling around, but luckily, now there’s a better way to find an SAT tutor. With Test Prep Elite, we’ll match your child to a tutor who can teach in their style and who can work with their schedule. Not only that, but with our background checks and educational requirements, you can be sure they’re getting the best influence and academic instruction.

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Extensive interviews and qualifications vetting ensures you receive the very best SAT tutor available.

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When you or your child come to Test Prep Elite for your SAT test prep, learning and growth will come not only for the SAT, but for the rest of your academic career. With research-backed test preparation and scholastic tutoring, our tutors have established a record of improving grades, test scores, and self-confidence. That’s because when you work with us, you don’t just memorize the material, you get introduced to new, more effective forms of studying. Trained to instruct to the student’s learning style and to take a great amount of care, our tutors set students up for long-term success and higher confidence in their own learning process.

At Test Prep Elite, we don’t just have confidence in our tutoring, we have results. With former students going on to attend universities like Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, Brown, John Hopkins, and many more, we know we can help your student get to where they want to be.

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“Although I was getting a high score on the SAT verbal section, the math portion was really tough for me...My tutor Rob was patient, thorough and relaxed in his approach to the math section. His attitude and mindset really rubbed off on me, and with the training and tools I received from Test Prep Elite I was able to go into the test confident and prepared. My math score went from a 520 to a 640! Thanks Rob! Thanks Test Prep Elite!”

- Ben Smith

“My daughter needed to get her SAT score up to get into the college she wanted to go to. Our client success representative took the time to listen to her story, and paired her with a tutor that helped her raise her score over 200 points! Thanks Test Prep Elite!”

- John Degrasso

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