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The SSAT is a test that’s administered to children from grades three through eleven to see if the students meet the academic level necessary to move on to a private middle school or high school. If you want your child to attend an elite middle school or high school in the private sector, then it’s a test they may have to take and do well on. With Elite Test Prep in Fort Collins, our tutors are highly equipped to help your child get the score they need and more.

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The SSAT, being a test that is used for both middle and high school entrance, is given at varying levels. With your child being able to take the test as early as third grade, you have time to take the test, see if your child makes the grade, and decide from there whether private school is right for your child or if you want to continue to take the test and enroll them at a later date. With test dates from April to October and one in June, time is of the essence if you want your child to join private school in a particular year. With Elite Test Prep, no matter the level your child is on now, we can help them prepare to do their best on the SSAT and give them tools to keep growing from there.

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It used to be that finding a reliable and beneficial tutor for your child was a challenge, but that’s no longer the case for those in Fort Collins. With our tutoring services at Elite Test Prep, your child gets access to tutors with the highest level of education, but not only that, they’re also empowered by our research-backed tutoring methodologies and a tutor who will teach to their particular learning style.

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With the tutoring at Elite Test Prep, your child will learn and grow. No matter the score they receive on the SSAT, we’re sure that they’ll improve. Perhaps even more importantly, we’re sure that they’ll take knowledge, confidence, and study methods with them that will buoy them long into the future. Our tutors care, and it shows in both the results and their methods.

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“Najeb Arifee has worked with my son for a short 3 weeks. Knowing that he is going to meet with Najeb each week has been a comfort. In three weeks of tutoring, Najeb was always on time and never once had to reschedule and is extremely reliable. He also accommodates us if we needed extra time. Najeb is very familiar with the high school math curriculum, patient and great with my son.”

- Anthony Vega

“Tutor was amazing and my daughter enjoyed working with her.”

- Jean

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